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Travel Safe

In addition to your loved one being able to track you in REAL TIME through the APP

Every member of the group can now Travel Safe by GEO Fencing his/her route while travelling through any mode in any city or any place be it known or unknown by simply fencing the major landmarks enroute, before starting the journey, and the moment there is any diversion from the designated route get alerted by way of VIBRATION or SMS on your mobile.

Also before starting the journey you can SMS your travel mode (Auto/Taxi Etc.) details to rest of the members, of the group, by entering details of the mode (Registration Number/ Mode Type) and sending it to all through a SMS. This not only gives mental peace to your loved ones but is also good to keep you safe.


APPLords Infotech believe in thinking ahead and out of the box.

At a time when the world has become a small village and the power to do everything is shrinking down to the palm of our hands then why do we still CONNECT to all those who matter in a primitive way?

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